Cooper Statile - Vocals

Archer Merritt-Dorosin - Drums

Ely Yancey - Lead Guitar

Sadie Rock - Bass

Brayden Robinson - Rhythm Guitar

They have an undeniable energy and they keep things interesting
— Divide and Conquer


Energy passes through Some Antics as they construct their uniquely genuine brand of punk music for receptive audiences. The music is built on a strong foundation of emotional honesty and energetic intensity. Some Antics executes this through their elaborate and attentive songwriting as well as the deep-rooted chemistry between members.



Attending a Some Antics show presents the unmatched environment of positivity, friendship, and high-energy music that the band aims to offer. Likewise, even simply experiencing their music by oneself allows for a rewarding experience of intrinsic musical interpretation. The interesting and engaging songwriting demands attention from listeners while the emotional transparency of the lyrics connects with audiences on a deep level.



Our art has the ability to create vast realities of surroundings and feelings that can only exist through that art specifically. It constructs these realities through intense sensory interactions that are unlike any other. Feelings are created, destroyed, and modified through art.